GA: Former Police Officer Found Guilty Of Murder

GA: Former Police Officer Found Guilty Of Murder

A Fulton County jury has found a former East Point police officer Sergeant Marcus Eberhart accused in the tasing death of Gregory Towns a (24-year-old man) guilty which occurred in April of 2014 . Sergeant Marcus Eberhart and former corporal Howard Weems were accused of excessively using a stun gun on Towns which allegedly lead to his death. […]

Donald Trump Expected To Releases His Tax Returns Soon

Donald Trump Expected To Releases His Tax Returns Soon

Donald Trump Expected To Releases His Tax Returns Soon – After repeatedly answering questions regarding Trump’s tax returns, Trump has said a many of times he will be releasing them as soon as the audit is complete. So the question is how long does an audit run? And does it roll over? Should Trump not […]

Do you think your webcam is spying on you?

Imagine if you turned your computer on and saw this!

Kanye West Meets With Donald Trump

In a surprising visit today for many, Entertainment star Kanye West appeared at Trump towers for a brief meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump. Other stars such as Jim Brown showed up as well, whom met with Trump after the West meeting. West later tweeted – I feel it is important to have a direct line […]

Riverside: Alleged Poop Snatcher Nabbed By Police

Riverside, Ca – According to CBS – A local alleged mail thief identified as Daniel Aldama CBS reports, was nabbed by Police authorities The owner of the residence had been targeted before, so this time a package was left deliberately on the front porch which contained dog poo from a recent pet birthday party.

Oakland: Party Fire Up To 40 Feared Dead

Oakland: Party Fire Up To 40 Feared Dead

Oakland, CA – Sources are reporting that – 9 dead, 25 unaccounted for in three-alarm Oakland fire. 9 party goers have been reported dead, and the fear that the death total could rise up to 40 or more. Oakland firefighters responded to a three-alarm fire at a warehouse at about 11:30 p.m. Reports that at […]

More Companies To Seek Trump For 7 Million To Stay In U.S.

The deal that Donald Trump negotiated with United Technologies to keep Carrier jobs in Indiana is getting even worse. Trump and Pence gave United Technologies $7 million of taxpayer money in exchange for only keeping 800 jobs in the US. – Opinion – Millions of hard working citizens in Indiana will flip the bill temporarily […]

Baltimore City Second-Grader Brutally Assaulted Sparks Outrage

Baltimore City Second-Grader Brutally Assaulted Sparks Outrage

Baltimore – The parents say their 7-year-old child was assaulted by a school tutor Monday at his southeast Baltimore school. Police and school officials are investigating a tutor’s role in an incident, which left a 7-year-old with a fractured jaw. Since then the tutor has been fired and arrested. Stay tuned for updates.  

Review: Loving

A civil rights case, Loving v. Virginia, went all the way to the Supreme Court. Allowing the marriages between inter racial couples in Virginia to be legal which affected the rest of America. The movie was alright in my opinion, it just didn’t have the umpf or the push it needed for a real lasting […]

Heil Trump! America’s Sleeping Giant Has Awakened

Sad but its happening – I normally don’t write about this type of material, but dang – this stuff is real and is awakening all across America, already more than 700 hate crimes have been reported since the Election of Donald Trump and that doesn’t even factor in those whom did not report any crimes […]

Has America Elected It’s First Compulsive Liar as Pres?

To say that would be wrong: According to the popular vote, the majority of America has rejected Donald Trump by more than 1 million votes. Opinion – To be clear I did not vote for this man, nor will I ever call him my President. He will always be a Donald Trump to me. I […]

For Protesters To March Many Ask Did They Vote?

A massive protest where thousands appeared on Union Square raises the question as to why they are protesting? Did they Vote? One has to ask with so much energy to march in a protest as to whether or not that same energy was applied marching to a poll? Massive anti-Trump rally in Union Square. You […]

White Cops Black Photos Fetish Or Not?

White Cops Black Photos Fetish Or Not?

Ask any officer how they would feel if a citizen had taken a photo of an officer down and or injured then spread it across the internet, would the feeling had been mutual filled with smiles and or a thumb up? It’s becoming a pattern, many police officers appearing to be smiling with an afro […]

Poll: Should Hillary Clinton Run Again For 2020?

Breaking: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Jason Chaffetz

According to Politicususa – An ethics complaint has been filed against Representative Jason Chaffetz for releasing information provided to him in a letter from FBI Director James Comey. The tweet in question is below, which struck many questions as to how Chaffetz knew a case had been “reopened” since those words where never used in […]