WikiLeaks Maybe Damaging Donald Trump More Than Expected?

Before WikiLeaks “October Surprise” Donald Trump Had Momentum Not So Much Now Opinion – While many on the social media where waiting for the famous ” October Surprise” of a batch of stolen emails to be released from a website which is known for publishing stolen belongings of others. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump seemed to […]

Donald Trump Can Still Win If The Campaign Would Just Subtract..

Opinion – America already knows both campaigns are not perfect so just subtract the ” Pivots and Deflections ” Donald Trump can still win the election, if the campaign would just stop pivoting direct questions and deflecting everything to everyone else as if the Trump campaign is faultless and perfect. I truly believe people want […]

Does An Officer Get Paid For An Arrest?

Great question Sarah! Here is what I’ve been told according to an Inside source of mine. When a Deputy makes an arrest, they are usually allotted 2hrs morning time and 2hrs afternoon time for Court cases.. should their case go to court and or trial. That being said: It is also to my understanding that […]

Is Mike Pence Unfit To Be Vice President?

Opinions – There seems to be a lot of questions floating around, as many people are saying that Mike Pence either didn’t appear to be fully honest at the Vice Presidential Debate and or Pence could not remember things his Presidential running mate Donald Trump actually said. One has to ask if memory and or […]

Should The Government Provide Citizens With Body Cams?

Should The Government Provide Citizens With Body Cams? Opinion – Citizens seem more responsible in capturing a police encounter than a trained officer. Far to often I hear of incidents involving police encounters whereas a body cam was not turned on. If Police officers are not responsible and or educated enough to have their dept. […]

A Reason Why I Stopped Watching Fox News

Whether it was intentional, deliberate, or a coincidence… I am so happy that I was watching CNN, or I would have missed one of the greatest speeches highlighted this night. Other channels aired it to including MSNBC but why not FOX? This should raise the question as to whether or not Fox News respects the […]

The Media Should Stop Covering Donald Trump During The Election

My Opinion – The Media Should Stop Covering Donald Trump During The Election until he can be more respectful, but moreso truthful. Trump has Played the media like punks And there’s more out there.. After all the bashing Donald Trump has said about the media,. Media outlets still suck up to him in a fashion […]

Opinion: The Presidential Race Is More Than Just Clinton Or Trump

According to my interactions with those I have either interviewed and or have met, many have said to me it’s not about the candidates ” They both seem to have flaws ” but what is more important,. Is The Supreme Court Justices and who will be the one to appoint them. This election may be the […]

CNN Says Trump’s ” Disarming” Statement A Joke

In a tweet posted by CNN – Trump jokes about disarming Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards: “Let’s see what happens to her” Opinion – This is the second time I have heard Trump reference weapons involving Hillary Clinton, And it should not be considered as a joke, nor taken lightly. The secret service should look into it […]

Watch Trump Defend Putin Then Bash Obama

Opinion – Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump says our generals have been reduced to rubble, while praising Russia’s President Putin. Should Trump be elected President, it could be a matter of time before allegations of treason arise surrounding Trump. The sad part in all this is,.. that Trump is not alone in his beliefs! as […]

Cop Accused Of Getting 14-Year Old Pregnant

Wow, these kind of stories or similar ones involving underage kid(s) are beginning to become a recurring issue within law enforcement. After researching Google I have found so many stories with officer(s) involving kids.. especially child pornography , there’s needs to be better vetting and some heightened tests issued when apllying for a police job.

And I Love Tacos

Dude, so how is this a bad thing? Tacos are life. #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner pic.twitter.com/QCthBHRiDn — Trevor Donovan (@TrevDon) September 2, 2016 Opinion – This was one of the most disrespectful statements yet heard by a Latino Trump Supporter, but what do you expect?

Pastor Mark Burns Tweet Sparks Outrage And Anger

Pastor Mark Burns , SC – Whom often makes appearances on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, & FOX Business Network, appeared to go above and beyond in his support for (R) Presidential candidate Donald J Trump by tweeting in what many people are saying is a political statement against the Afro American community. Though the tweet […]

Opinion: Why Many Media Outlets Seem Disrespectful

When Nykea Aldridge was shot and killed, many media outlets seemed more concerned that Aldridge was Dwyane Wade’s cousin. Many of the headlines read ” Dwyane Wade’s cousin ” rather than Nykea Aldridge, Why? Was it more important? that Aldridge was Dwyane Wade’s cousin? Or the fact that she was killed and a mother of four? CHICAGO […]

Will Trump Supporter Sheriff David Clarke Jr Break His Silence?

Will Trump Supporter Sheriff David Clarke Jr Break His Silence?

Opinion – First off I must say that, it is a dishonor and a dis-service to law enforcement anytime a man uses a uniform and or a badge to promote personal gain, especially when that uniform not only represents the citizens sworn to protect, but also when the uniform and badge is bought and paid […]