San Antonio: Police Wear Their Make America Great Again Caps

San Antonio: Police Wear Their Make America Great Again Caps

Texas: A Video appears to show members of the San Antonio Police Dept. wearing the red ” Make America Great Again ” Caps, this coming after the all to famous video of Donald Trump whom is heard describing how he would grab a female by the p**sy. Thank you Texas! If you haven't registered to […]

El Cajon: Witnesses Describe Police Shooting Of Black Man

(Warning video maybe explicit or graphic) Reports of a 30 year old unarmed Black Man shot by El Cajon Police, who was allegedly having a seizure when his sister called 911 . Protestors are outraged and are assembling according to sources, stay tuned as we try to gather more info.. Meanwhile stay updated on the […]

Charlotte: Calls For the Resignation Of Police Chief And Mayor

I saw this coming after I saw this- Police Chief Kerr Putney on Transparency#Charlotte — Jerry Briant (@JerryBriant) September 22, 2016 So what kind of transparency does Police Chief Kerr Putney is the question,.. If not full then cherry picked? Read more

The Art Of Protesting

Opinion – The longer the protest, the more substantial impact it makes. A key reminder and understanding as to why peaceful protests are more successful than violent ones. For every day a protest is held the city, state and or county has to spend lots of money, it has to pull resources, pay overtime etc. in many cases […]

NY: Man Who Killed Delrawn Small Indicted

A NYPD officer has been indicted and is expected to be charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of a man during an apparent road rage incident in Brooklyn that was caught on surveillance camera. Read More (WARNING VIDEO IS GRAPHIC)

Police Continue Search For Suspect In Teen Killing

Police Continue Search For Suspect In The Teen Killing Of Luis Quintanar .. If you or anyone you know has any information at all, please contact your local law enforcement or Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477). Lets make our communities safe..

Sherman Oaks: Police Need Help Identifying Burglar Suspects

According to Patch – Police are asking for help identifying these men caught on video breaking into a Sherman Oaks apartments to steal jewelry. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Van Nuys Burglary Detective Diamond at (818) 374-0029 or Detective O’Connor at (818) 374-0024. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call […]

N. Korea’s Actions Cost Nations Millions?

Opinion – Seems like every time N. Korea launches a test missile, Nations seem to scramble whether it’s with meetings, or military arrangements and or… Those bills or costs should be applied to N. Korea’s sanctions as a way for restitution. Time and time N. Korea continues to alarm it neighbors and nations around the […]

Trump Campaign Why Women Are Often Blamed?

Opinion – Whether it’s Michelle Fields or Meredith McIver the choice is yours to form an opinion. What I can say, is that based on my own observation it appears that men involved in the Trump campaign are mistake free, as I have not read nor have seen any reprimands towards men involved, as of yet. […]

Faulkner County: Outrageous Video Shows Kid Sucker Punch…

Opinion – Just when I thought I saw it all, this video was not only disturbing but a wake up call. As I saw was the teen was wearing on his hand, made me think where in the hell and why would anyone sell those types of products. Truly some type of liability should lay […]

Former Officer Raja Charged With Attempted First Degree Murder Of Corey Jones

Now I’m no expert, but WTH is ” Attempted First Degree Murder? ” Corey Jones is dead, was killed where does the word ” Attempted ” come into play? Opinion – This case sounds like an exit case for and ending result whereas something just won’t get proven enough.

Montgomery County: Police Save Mans Life From Burning Car (Video)

Montgomery County – Far to often police are criticized for un-lawful misconduct, but its times like these the public should be aware of to cast a brighter light. Just seems as though many media outlets aren’t concerned as much of an officers actions unless it’s in a negative sub title. I personally want to thank […]

Nashua, NH: Violent Police Beating Caught By News Camera

(MFJ News) Nashua, N.H – Opinion: A video appears to show Richard Simone, 50, of Worcester, Mass., stepping out of his truck surrendering and complying to officers on Hutchinson Street, a residential part of the city. Simone appears to surrender and knee down to the ground, that’s when officers charge Simone and begin throwing punches […]

SC: Police Officer’s Indictment Sends Strong Message To Those Above The Law

South Carolina – A Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, has been indicted by a federal grand jury that charged him with a civil rights violation. Slager whom gained national attention last year, after a bystander captured the police encounter on their cell phone which appeared to show Slager shooting an unarmed black man later identified as Walter Scott. In […]

Ray Lewis Shines Powerful Light On Black Lives Matter

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis  breaks it down on Black Lives Matter movement. In a powerful video many of our readers have agreed with Lewis’s opinions and views. When we asked a Black Lives Matter supporter about Lewis’s video, his response was ” We are only concerned with Police Brutality ” . I then […]