Did The Daughter of Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby Just Call Terence Crutcher A Monster?

Tulsa –
The daughter of Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby spoke outside the Tulsa County Courthouse.

In a video which appeared to show no remorse for the victim ( Terence Crutcher ) whom was shot to death by Shelby, the daughter went on to praise and thank officers whom wear the uniform including those whom have shown support for Shelby.
Instead Shelby’s daughter blasted the media in what many have said is not only a total disrespect to the family and friends of Crutcher but in her comment blaming the media for associating her mom with a monster.
The daughter which goes by the name of Amber has sparked outrage with the comment of monster, citing that she had no feelings for the victim where reports have said Crutcher was gunned down and killed while un-armed by Shelby.

Shelby will stand trial for manslaughter.


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