Donald Trump Could Ask To Release The Apprentice Tapes

Written by on October 15, 2016 in News


Donald Trump Could Ask To Release The Apprentice Tapes, That is if he has nothing to hide.

Donald Trump could also Ask for ALL of his employees to speak of their free will since he has them under a contract which deprives them of speaking out against him.

Instead certain employees are cherry picked in order to speak on his behalf, reminding me of a ” North Korea ” type work environment.

Just as his Tax returns and so many other excuses made by the Republic Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump should be transparent to the American people.

Unless YOU believe that Donald Trump is the most perfect and flawless presidential candidate which has ever run in America’s history.

This man has admitted to no wrongs according to my knowledge, and the blame has been on everyone but himself, he has even accused his own Republican party.

The Republican Party should also demand for the release of the apprentice tapes as well.



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