John Livingston’s Heroic Actions Remembered?

The News Observer Reported –


A superior court judge ruled this week that the reports and other documents related to the investigation into the death of a Harnett County man at the hands of a sheriff’s deputy are of “critical” public interest and must be disclosed without any restrictions on who can see it.

John Livingston was shot and killed by a Harnett County sheriff’s deputy on the deck of his home last November. Deputy Nicholas Kehagias had no warrant and no permission to enter when he and Livingston fought.

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Often times many officer(s) will deliberately put them selves in a position which will escalate a situation, Livingston’s case should be a reminder of that, I’m still trying to understand the difference between “deliberate ” and ” Pre-meditated ” if the two words are connected.

According to the video it is my opinion that Livingston was only asking the officers to abide by the law, in which no regard was returned.

According to the statements of the video, Livingston in my opinion was killed defending his rights.