Letter: Jefferson Workers Experience I Had

Hi, Staff

From: Tom

Regarding the dirt field and or lot with the tree where a bunch of people hang out looking for work:

Recently we were moving into a new home, and in doing so we were wondering what moving company should we hire? It wasn’t long before my wife came up with the Idea of going down to Jefferson to hire those whom hang out all day looking for work.

So we took a trip down and hired 4 Individuals and brought them back to our home to help start packing and loading the trucks.

At first they started off as hard workers I was really Impressed.

This would had been a three day job, however on the first date of hire, our sons Ipod ended up missing amongst other things. I know for a fact where it was and so did our son. after many denials from the workers we simply paid them for the day, and told them we wouldn’t need them anymore.

One of them came to me and repeated his saying of ‘ It wasn’t Me’ and all I could tell him was ‘ You all came here together as a group ‘ what one does affects the other, though I cant prove which person took it I, I must hold all of you accountable so that in the future you know which ones to work with.

Hard to Imagine, I was considering offering them full time work for a friend of mine whom owns a painting company.

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