More Companies To Seek Trump For 7 Million To Stay In U.S.

The deal that Donald Trump negotiated with United Technologies to keep Carrier jobs in Indiana is getting even worse. Trump and Pence gave United Technologies $7 million of taxpayer money in exchange for only keeping 800 jobs in the US.

Opinion –

Millions of hard working citizens in Indiana will flip the bill temporarily until those monies are all sucked up, in the long run Carrier will still most likely move, many people are saying after Trump’s first term and if re-elected after his second term.

So who really is benefiting from this Carrier deal?

Where is all that money going to really?

Sources are saying that many other companies are seeking to get in touch with Donald Trump for those same incentives, to include other states.

Here’s just one possible example:

For-Profit Colleges Look to Donald Trump for a Pass.

Trump who claims to be a great deal maker, may have just committed one of the worse deals in the history in Indiana and it may have all been to benefit his stock holding in a parent company in which he favored ” Carrier “. to include a parent company of the Dakota Pipeline.

The word ” Parent ” will be a familiar term that will be used during Trump’s presidency.

Sort of like a ” Distance of Trump To Be Associated and or connected ” in anyway to the main company.

Something is fishy and were all monitoring it.

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