Former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik Gets Fact Checked?

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So here we go again –

Opinion –

When former police officers speak on issues without any real evidence to back it up, it could not only place officers at risk but citizens as well.

Here’s why, after hearing Former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik’s comments about Black Lives Matter without any evidence to back it up to include his pivots on as to how many cops were killed by white men, I immediately had to write about it and there are thousands more like me on the internet that will reach out to others in correcting Kerik’s remarks.

For Kerik to call Black Lives Matter a hate group only instills me to teach others not to trust Law Enforcement! If they are going to allow former officers speak on their behalf with false narratives.

The media, bloggers, writers etc… are a much more powerful source of information especially when we have to write about stories like this, which will only further divide a many of citizens from law enforcement.

Why do I say that? I’m involved with citizens on a daily basis, what a many of them tell me as is…

As to how they feel about law enforcement is very different than how they pretend to care about them.

As I dug deeper with one concerned citizen, her issue was ” Police Accountability ” she wanted to be off record in saying so because she was scared! “Scared” that’s really sad that a person has to feel this way in the United States of America regarding law enforcment.

In a statement she said she pretends to support law enforcement, while raising her children to be cautious towards them… Hummm.

I can only imagine as to how many other families around the nation are doing the same, and what will become of our future law enforcement agencies should the new generation rise into law enforcement, knowing of what they have seen today.

If Kerik and those whom he represents want to continue to label Black Lives Matter as a hate group, then maybe we should look at law enforcement as well.

Does it go both ways?

What if I were to tell you,… That a many of citizens are concerned of white Officers posing in photos with blacks?

What kind of group if any, would that be called?



Or how about the police killing’s of un-armed persons?

And I could go on and on and on…

Kerik’s comments where not only false but divisive and that’s what I’ve been hearing from a lot of former and present high ranking officials whom may have been in office tooo long whom may not able to adjust to change.

Kerik’s statement have made me believe that there must come a time where that ole saying ” Out with the old, in with the New ” should be applied to those whom don’t want to advance to better policing practices.

As I have spoken to a many of parents they are already educating their children on those whom hold opinions such a Kerik’s and a new generation of law enforcement will not tolerate the old ways, one parent told me! As their youngest son plans to join law enforcement.



At times I write about uncomfortable things, I like to remember the good ones.
Though I'm not an expert! everything I write should be construed as an opinion.

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