Opinion: Police Unions Should Be Held Liable For Dismissed Arrests

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The New York Times has reported that –

A person could be Charged a Fee for Getting Arrested, Whether Guilty or Not.

Opinion –

A lot of times arrested suspect(s) are often charged with crimes which are later dismissed for whatever reasons and then are left with the trauma endured not only by incarceration, but to include the possibility of loss work, bail fee’s, humiliation and so on.

In my view:

Most of that could have been avoided should some type of clause be imposed making an officer and or it’s police union liable for ALL damages.

Far to often the City, State and or the County picks up the tab(s) but at who’s expense? the Tax Payers?

If so then there’s very little discipline if any as to whether or not an officer cares to what charges are applied to an alleged suspect.

There used to be an ole saying just “slap as much as you can on the wall and see what sticks” that ole saying maybe alive and well for being applied in todays law enforcement.

Another issue I have is this –

Here is what I’ve been told according to an Inside source of mine.

(Some states may vary)

When a Officer makes an arrest, they are usually allotted 2hrs morning time and 2hrs afternoon time for Court cases.. should their case go to court and or trial.

That being said:

It is also to my understanding that those hours are Overtime hours and if that is the case then an Arresting Officer can make up to 4 hours overtime per arrest.

So if there is extra pay,… Should it be revoked on dismissed cases?

What’s your thought?



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