Pastor Darrell Scott ” My Afro American ” Opinion Sparks Controversy..

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Opinion –

Pastor Darrell Scott, A Donald Trump Supporter and founder of The New Spirit Revival Center maybe exactly what it sounds like ” Revival “.

Did the term ” My Afro American ”  seem like a choice or a label,. and or both?

Have we gone from ” My Nigga ” to ” My Afro American “?

I was in awe, when I heard Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remark  ” My Afro American “.

After watching a minor debate on CNN it appeared that the best excuse from Pastor Scott was that ” Hillary Clinton Carries Hot Sauce In Her Purse “.

This type of discussion reminded me of the many movies I saw as a child a many years ago, where as when a white person said something whether it be right or wrong the usual response was ” Yes Master “.

It also reminded me of the stories I used to hear from genuine black men and women that..

Back in the slavery days, the Master always had one important slave which was labeled as an ” House Nigga ” or Uncle Tom and or other nicknames, in which they would be rewarded with gifts and pleasures for telling their master of conspiracies that slaves where up to, which afterwards generally resulted in harsh discipline.

It was said that..

These so called ” House Niggas ” etc.. would even lie and sometimes set a slave up, if they were either jealous and or had an agenda, I can only imagine of how many Afro Americans were brutally punished for no reason.

As a term of endearment, can I now genuinely say that Pastor Scott Is or is Not ” My Afro American “?

Is it my choice, his choice or even yours to be, or not to be…?

To label someone with such a term of endearment?

Final thought?



At times I write about uncomfortable things, I like to remember the good ones.
Though I'm not an expert! everything I write should be construed as an opinion.

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