Shaun King Lashes Out After Sanders Loss In Georgia

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Shaun King an avid Bernie Sanders supporter/endorser lashes out on his latest article regarding super delegates citing that the Democratic party is rigged.

Many are questioning King’s tactics as he uses the New York Daily News as a tool to write his supporting opinions on Sanders questioning if King is upset and or disappointed because his candidate is loosing.

Sanders who was endorsed by King lost by a huge margin according to results.. King resides in Georgia and his endorsement appears to have showed very little effect if any.

Which has many questioning if King’s continued flip flopping articles are affecting Sanders campaign.

It wasn’t long ago before King tweeted this


And Now….


And now King Re-Exposes Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, alleging that Sanders may have been arrested in the past.

(In the video an article appears to show the words ” Resisting Arrest “


And Then


Many have voiced their opinions to me regarding the alleged arrest of Sanders, citing ‘ there should never be any justification when someone breaks the law and or is arrested,’ no leader should lead by that example.

The confusion in King’s tweets may be influencing many of Sanders supporters in the wrong way, according to those I spoke to whom have seen King’s tweets.



  • Does Shaun King accept Bernie Sanders?
  • Will Bernie Sanders accept Shaun King?
  • Is King’s writing’s about whites misleading because he feels he’s never been accepted?


What truly disturbed me is when King publicly made a statement about Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.


Look at some responses…


Then the Congressional Black Caucus


And now Donald Trump


King has also suggested honesty in a tweet regarding Bernie Sanders signing the crime bill which affected millions across the nation/h3>

Again if Bernie Sanders was so against it, then why did he vote for it?

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  • Eye_Occupy

    Sanders wasn’t “allegedly” arrested. He was arrested. At a protest against segregated housing and services in college. This is a matter of historical record. Your piece doesn’t deal with issues, only innuendo. And you criticize form, not content. It is not helpful.