Should Shaun King Deserve A Partial Blame For The Electing Of Trump?

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Let the Blaming begin..

In a recent post by Daily News senior justice writer Shaun King –

KING: The Democratic Party deserves so much of the blame for electing Donald Trump

May seem very hypocritical if you factor in that King left out a many of various parts that he along with many other big social media voices contributed in many ways as to why Hillary Clinton may have lost.

Was Shaun King Lying?

I personally will be waiting for a confirmation where Hillary Clinton specifically said the word ” Black ” in her comment.

And I could go on with so much more..

After many months of King’s continued negative narrations of Hillary Clinton one has to ask…

Former Bernie Sanders Supporter Shaun King Now Backs Hillary Clinton, Says She Has “Evolved” Why?

According to another story reported, it cited that a many of Bernie Sanders supporters did not vote for Hillary Clinton and may have held a protest vote, now there’s this Many Hillary Clinton Supporters Will Not Vote For Bernie Sanders In 2020 Should He Run.

At a time when many of Sanders supporters/non supporters and or etc.. seemed to have gone all out against Hillary Clinton, from tweeting on a smear hashtag to a disrespectful interruption at a Clinton speech.

Many activists/blogger/justice writers/journalists and or users spoke against Hillary Clinton in support of Bernie Sanders, which many would argue gave Donald Trump a rise while Clinton and Sanders supporters where fighting each other via social media and beyond.

It would seem bias to me especially when writing against a person whom they oppose as a candidate.

It would also seem to me that sooner or later the bashing of Candidates would have to come to and end, why?
Either you support your party or you don’t.

It’s Official Hillary Clinton is the Winner of Kentucky –

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has lost in the former home state of Shaun King
” Kentucky ” to Hillary Clinton?

This will be Sanders second loss in a state where King has resided, the first loss being in ” Georgia ” where King once resided.

Sanders didn’t just loose, but lost YUGE!.

hc win goergia

As of that night Sanders needed to win at least 67% of the remaining pledged delegates according to CNN’s John King, Sanders unofficial loss in Kentucky could prove to be even a more harder hill to climb if there’s any hill left.

King was at a time, a Sanders supporter/endorser whom tweeted mostly negative media not only about Clinton but also the Democratic party,.. many have said it may have been enough to stir many voters away from Clinton thus giving Donald Trump the election.

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