So Many People Believed The Polls

So Many People Believed The Polls, and sometimes that could make many too comfortable and or let their guards down.

The problem I have always had with polling, is that many of those being polled could possibly give false data on how they are thinking about voting which would indeed make the opponent appear to be leading when not.

I truly believe in this election, that many people appeared to not be supporting Donald Trump while secretly voting for him, as so with women appearing to give an impression that they would be voting for Clinton while voting for Trump.

Regardless of my opinion what is clear is that the only poll that really matters is a final vote, your vote.

For a many of you whom are disappointed in the results of this election, there is a positive side to it, you have a chance to vote again for another or the same President in the next four years.

That’s what makes America so outstanding and why it has always been great well before Donald Trump.