Temecula: Prop 38 Seems to be working! Teachers Facing Layoffs

Written by on March 6, 2013 in News

What happened to prop 38?

I mean this is one of the most disrespectful decisions I have ever heard of..Temecula valley Board approves of 40 teachers to be laid off and their could be more to follow.. ( trust me my crystal ball shows many more layoffs in the forecast ) teachers spoke against it, but I guess their voices didn’t matter.

No matter how it’s worded, narrated, and told in blogs the Bottom line is, these Hard Working Teachers ‘Got the Shaft’

My thought! Well if you voted for prop 38 tell Gov: Jerry Brown once again it aint working, and ask if you can take your vote back.

many of us all know, that most teachers had little or no choice in the matter when it came for voting on prop 38 either way it left them in the air, but the great speeches that were made to promote it during voting time gave many of them HOPE.

So now here comes the Lay OFFS, Hopefully these teachers will be compensated some how from prop 38 since their lay Offs will save even more money for education that still isn’t being spent right.

This could spark some major lawsuits should analysts look into it hard enough, and leaves many of us to wonder if we should ever vote for a tax hike again, the saying FOOL ME ONCE, FOOL ME TWICE, BUT NEVER AGAIN… will resonate in many Californians for a long time, with Temecula being remembered as the ALAMO I mean one of the first Cities to prove Prop 38 was worth Crap.

Thats my thought whats yours…



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