The Maha Abdel Tragedy

Letters to the editor..

Subject: Corruption at child recovery unit Agent Hector Santana

A Man whom traveled to Puerto Rico regularly to visit his son.

His son lived in Puerto Rico with his mother at the time a divorce was initiated.

The Riverside Superior Court never had any jurisdiction to issue any orders on child
custody as the child’s home state was Puerto Rico.
An evaluation was conducted by an evaluator who confirmed that the child
(Kamal) was living in Puerto Rico with consent of both parents and that
there was no problem in seeing the child.

A trial was held in the Riverside
Superior court in front of Judge Dale Wells where the father was ordered to
have physical custody of the child and Kamal was removed from Puerto Rico to
live in California.

The court in essence did not have jurisdiction as the
home state of the child was in Puerto Rico and he had resided longer than
six months with his mother in Puerto Rico.

During a holiday visit to Puerto
Rico in December, Maha did not return Kamal to his father.

She took him to a
doctor who found that there were some serious health concern issues. A
warrant for arrest was issued with a $ 200,000 bond amount for kidnapping,
by Judge Gary Tranberger and she was arrested in Puerto Rico. The bond
amount was excessive and illegal as $ 100,000 is the mandatory amount for a
kidnapping charge. She spent six days in jail in Puerto Rico until the ACLU
who has represented her managed to obtain her release without bail. She was
never arraigned within 48 hours after her arrest a mandatory requirement of
CA law, and instead spent 6 days in jail. The state of California declined
to sign an extradition order for her to be extradited to California and her
extradition proceeding was dismissed in Puerto Rico. Ms. Rahim is very
grateful that the extradition case was dismissed against her. However, there
is still a criminal case pending in California against her, with an active
criminal complaint and an active bond although she has never been arraigned
on any charges and the Riverside County District Attorneys office has not
dismissed the charges although she has not been extradited to California.
In the meantime the father went to Court and asked that Kamal not be allowed
to visit her in Puerto Rico and Judge Wells granted the request ordering
that the mother have supervised visits in California, which she cannot do as
she has no funds and does not live in California. The father is not pleasant
to mother and child and will not facilitate any contact with the minor son
in this situation.
Both the Puerto Rico and the American Press has covered this matter
extensively and the issue is the illegal kidnapping of a small child from
Puerto Rico and the criminal charges that are still pending in California.





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