Trump Campaign Why Women Are Often Blamed?

Opinion –

Whether it’s Michelle Fields or Meredith McIver the choice is yours to form an opinion.

What I can say, is that based on my own observation it appears that men involved in the Trump campaign are mistake free, as I have not read nor have seen any reprimands towards men involved, as of yet.

I am actually surprised that the media has not caught this as of yet, but what I have seen in the past two and recent incidents involving women is ..

  1.  Michelle Fields was blamed
  2. Meredith McIver accepted the blame

Which leads me to ask why? and yet only Fields came forward to defend herself, as McIver has not made a public appearance with an anchor on television to explain..

Melania Trump (Donald Trumps present wife) received some backlash on social media for a trending period of time with the hash tag(s) #MelaniaSpeeches #MelaniaTrumpFamousQuotes .

I was extremely disappointed in Donald Trump in not going public to defend his wife, instead he stayed silent while his wife trended across the media and social media platforms.

So I ask why are Women often blamed surrounding Trump’s Campaign?

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