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23.1Mil Awarded To Man Shot By Officer ‘New Record’

Palm Beach, FL

Are the odds at striking it rich with a Police encounter far better than buying a lotto ticket?

Even an expert who testified that the shooting was justified couldn’t persuade a jury.

A deliberation that lasted just under 4 hours, returned with a verdict to award a victim whom was gunned down and paralyzed by an officer.

23.1 million  to a 22-year-old un-armed black man ‘Dontrell Stephens’.

Stephens whom survived the shooting, was shot by a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy ‘Adams Lin’ may be one of the biggest sums awarded to a victim of an officer involved shooting (un-armed).

According to sources an appeal is expected to be filed by Attorney’s whom represented Lin and the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.


My opinion:

Other lawsuits have paid much less and in most cases the victim(s) didn’t survive, such as

in the settlement of 5.9 Mil in the Eric Garner case where he was killed by police, that settlement was extremely low considering the City probably saved a half billion in damages had the possibility of riots been a factor.

The Eric Garner case and settlement made it clear that Victims, Families, the Family of the Victim(s) including a vast majority of the nation will no longer tolerate Police abuse, Killings, Rape Murder and more..

As in the Ferguson & Baltimore Protests, after the Riots, Cities now know what to expect and act much faster in settling than before, as in the Garden Police Settlement where police gunned down and killed a un-armed Latino which cost that City 4.9 Mil, and I could go on and on and on.

Stay tuned I will try and update more …


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