Why I Could Never Recommend AVON To Anyone Ever Again


I stumbled across this Facebook post by Allison Glover via internet and just had to speak on it, The post is very misleading and or outright wrong.

I know the female in question whom made the phone call, an 18 year old college student and working part time to help pay for her tuitions.

She doesn't even know what an " ALMA " is. She was simply calling to ask if a consultant would be interested in having custom imprinted pens.

She (Sale Rep) has no idea and has never even heard of a " The Bridge ".

The end of the phone resulted in a "NO SALE" due to financial issues.

According to the sales rep. Glover could not afford to spend the $249.00 for the 300 stylus ink pens.

Which was ok, but to then twist the story into some type of scam was very unprofessional truth be told, the sales rep simply offered a service.

What was even more repulsive was that towards then end of  Glover's statement " Blowing Out Some Ones  Ear Drums " Appears To Be Funny. Sad!

I end this with Avon reviews others have left  CLICK ME  as if sales are easy for anyone.


Allison should also take the time to learn how to spell the City correctly.

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