A Mother Of None

A 38 year old mother of None:
Describes her addiction to Drugs & Alcohol, Her Substance abuse was so bad that it caused these Chained reactions ….
At age 18 she became pregnant while still using drugs and alcohol, knowing that it would harm her unborn child that she has been carrying for the past 8 months, but like most she truly believed that if she cut down on her use that everything would be OK, However what she didn’t know was that there is no such thing as cutting down, it’s either you do or don’t.
Anyways the child was born healthy at first, and she enjoyed her years of raising her child, and the continuous abuse of her addiction, she was able to see her child off to school every morning, buy clothes, make breakfast and all the other good things that a regular mom would do for her child, this went on for ten years… Not to mention that she had gotten pregnant again at age 27 and still continued her addictions while claiming that she was cutting down.
Her first child reached the age of 10, and was turning very ill, so she began to give the child medications believing it was a flu, until one day she finally decided to take the child to see a doctor, The Doctor then informed her that her child had a Fatal cancerous Disease, and that it would just be a matter of time, that there was nothing they could do, The child soon passed away.
As for her second child, she is now 38 years of age; Rather than I repeat the whole story to you again. Just read the whole story from the beginning…
A Mother of None!


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