And So It Begins Trump To Say Anything To Gain More Votes?

Trump is loosing badly according to the polls, the question now comes up as to whether Trump will say anything in order to gain more votes?
And whether America will believe him or not!

My opinion –

Here’s my take, if Trump can’t apologize for some of the things he has said, then Trump just can’t be trusted or taken seriously.

I can’t take a chance on Trump, no would I ever. From the very beginning Trump has said things which insinuated he was against the Black Lives Matter movement and or protesters.

But that’s not all, his statements and beliefs on Mexicans, Blacks, Native Indians, and Muslims took it to a whole new level.

There is nothing Trump nor his surrogates could ever say to convince me to trust and or ever support a Republican period, until they ALL start with apologies and confirmed actions within the Senate like stop blocking Democrats from getting things done.

The sad part about all of this, should Trump loose the Election! many of his now supporters within the Republican party whom have secretly endorsed him will turn their backs on him and blame him for everything..

It could destroy the entire Trump Empire.


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