Are Police Officers Being Let Down?


Are administrations and unions Failing our officers? One has to ask “how many times”, did any of these officers have a prior complaint? and what was the outcome? Would adequate oversight had prevented this?.

Pedro Abad  –  Jason Van Dyke  –  Michael Slager  –   Daniel Holtzclaw   –  Ray Tensing  –  and so many more..

Many believe that officers generally take the advice and or direction of their superiors, when facing a trial and or discipline and in the end “it is the officer” who is facing the charge(s) “alone” while administration (Police union, chief, mayor etc..) stand on the sideline with very little blame and or immunity.

Police officers are generally the first to blame, but should they be held accountable alone?

This is an important question, if an officer can show and or prove, that in their past they have been written up for a prior complaint(s) and their administration failed to properly address it, would that make them an accessory?

Is America loosing officers due to failed administration? is it fair to officers?

Yes! in many times I blame administration, why? because I truly believe that many times officers are NOT disciplined fully in complaints, and if you can get away with one after another, a pattern begins to grow and from there it continues, because poor supervision has survived it in the past.

I truly believe we should be looking into the records of those in charge of disciplining (that could be a start for many answers).

Officers depend and rely on responsible administration is it to much to ask for?

Many say that Mayor’s are quick to throw the blame on the officer while police unions stand by their officer, but should they be held accountable too? again it is the officer whom faces the risk of prosecution ALONE!

Just take a look at some recent cases, involving many officers facing trial, and if found guilty they will most likely go to jail while administration goes home and prepares for new recruits Sounds Awful?.

Then ask yourself this: Have you ever heard “Our administration failed the officer?”.

I mean really, what do you expect outcomes to be when police continue to investigate their fellow officers?

I write this story as an opinion hoping to stir a debate, to raise awareness and theories and even possible answers.

My final thought:

If lawsuits regarding officer related issues were paid for by Police unions and or police pensions funds rather than by Cities, Counties, and or the Tax payers, it would bring a major change in policing.

My sympathy goes out those those below:

Many officers have families, parents, children, wives, husbands etc. who depend on a responsible administration, is it fair to them that their loved one faces a possibility of conviction alone? Did they not believe that guidelines were set to be enforced in disciplinary actions which could prevent situations like those above?

Is it fair to the Victims, Officers, Families and Friends? Is it Fair to Citizens? Is it?

The opinions above does not condone any of the actions that an officer makes when breaking a law(s), but the bared responsibility should be shared as a whole with its entity of accountability.

Officers.. Their accountability deserves to be shared.



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