Artist Hit Back With “Dear Donald” Trump Song

A video song which has now gone viral, has caught the attentions of many.. A video song by Cryptic Wisdom x Santa RM titled  – Dear Donald  a Video shot by Michael Shahin.

This video has really stuck with me, as I agreed with many of the lyrics in the story.

It seemed to me that Trump may have hurt many across the world with his views and opinions… towards other races.

According to sources:

Trump has recently been endorsed by a police union vowing to give a “Death Penalty” to those whom kill cops.

Many have asked us at The Inside Leak, will he do the same for cops whom commit murder and or rape? and now the recently increasingly arrests in child porn etc.. or what about those whom abuse their spouses? girlfriends?

My opinion:

Trump will never win an Presidential Election until he can address ACCOUNTABILITY! in which he has become part of now.

Trump continues to bend his views around items that may benefit him and or his organization.

This death penalty vow is absurd, it should be left up to the laws, courts and or jurors to decide.

That question should be asked of Trump until answered by Trump.


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