Ben Carson: Would Not Advocate A Muslim Be In Charge Of …

On a recent interview with meet the press, Ben Carson said he would not advocate a Muslim be in charge of our nation.

Citing that the religion, is inconsistent with the Constitution set forth in America.

This coming after the recent Kim Davis defiance to follow a Federal Court order involving the issuance of gay marriage certificates.

In many instances religion plays a major role in America, especially when it deals in government issues.

So my questions are:

  1. What religions are best for America?
  2. What religions follow the constitution? or should the constitution follow a religion?

So is this a game changer?

For those whom are thinking of running for president in the future will they have to be of a certain religion?

Last I checked America has the freedom of religion.

I am catholic, is my religion consistent with the constitution? and if not should I have to change it in accordance to the constitution? Humm


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