Black On Black Crime Is Well Known With In Law Enforcement

A many of times you will hear bigots, racists and even law enforcement bring up the discussion of ” Black on Black crime. ” yet many run like cowards when having to face reality especialy when it’s caught on camera and or when they’re confronted with overwhelming evidence.

Brandon Bethea’s case should be no different.

Though I am not an expert, I can only raise my opinion as to what I witnessed on the Youtube video where a black man was tased to death by another black man who is or was at the time in law enforcement.

The incident occurred at a North Carolina detention center.

In the video it appears to show an officer fatally tasing Brandon Bethea, 24.

Of course there will be narrations as to what happened from the officers, but most will be inconsistent, and the truly sad part, not just this incident but other incidents across the world seem far to familiar where narrations by officers just don’t ad up and yet many go unprosecuted.

In fact it was reported that after Betheas’s death –

No one working at the jail the afternoon of March 15, 2011, has faced discipline.

Just like in this example (Un-Related) where it took a Judge to catch an officer’s statement untrue, where I truly believe this officer should had faced some type of a charge.

I believe we are at a crossroads, were some officers will say ” BlackLiesMatter ” and I will say ” BlueLiesMatter ” and yet in the end we both seek for prosecutions.

I’ve always said.
If there were good cops..
There would be NO BAD cops!
Why do I believe that? Because the good cops would turn the bad ones in,.. so when a good cop does nothing but observe and stay silent they are just as equal as the bad cop.


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