Breaking: Man Who Sucker Punched Protestor May Seek Trump For Legal Fee’s?

Kentucky –

A video appears to show a protestor (Rakeem Jones, 26) being sucker-punched by a man (John McGraw, 78 of Linden, N.C)  at a recent Donald Trump rally in Kentucky.

McGraw, has been arrested and charged with assault, citing that” he deserved it,” McGraw said in an interview. “The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.

According to an source, McGraw maybe seeking legal fees from Donald Trump, though we have not been able to confirm, Jones did not appear to have any tomatoes and was in Kentucky when the altercation occurred, which could void Trumps Iowa statement.

At a rally Monday afternoon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa before the Kentucky incident.

Jones, a peaceful protestor was escorted out by officers after being attacked, it is unclear as to whether or not Jones suffered minor or severe injuries.
Stay tuned as we try to update this story via confirmation.


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