Can Drinking Water Cause Headaches?

I’ve been getting a lot of headaches for the last 8 months.

I kept trying to figure out how or why, so I thought of all my normal routines, and one possibility was that I drank coffee every morning, I would go to the kitchen sink and fill up the coffee pot with tap water until it reached 10 cups then pour it in the coffee maker, when done I would drink my hot coffee, never would had thought that my sink water would be contaminated in any way since the water is kind of like boiled and filtered before draining into the coffee cup.
So I figured I would try an experiment for thirty days:
I went and bought a case of bottled water and only drank the bottled water for thirty days, I even made coffee using the bottled water, and amazingly my headaches almost completely went away.
This is strange, because my wife had the same symptoms as she drank coffee to along with me.
At the doctor’s Office:
I told my problem about my headaches to a gentleman whom was seated in a waiting room along with his wife, and he too told me he was having many headaches including his wife, they both told me that they stopped drinking tap water about a 2 weeks ago and it seemed to have gotten better and then his wife said something that again caught my attention she said ‘ she thinks they only get minor headaches now ‘ however though they don’t drink tap water it could be the water from brushing their teeth and or when showering.

I can’t even tell you how many bottles of Tylenol I’ve gone through in a years time but it was many


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