Clinton Wins South Carolina Despite Twitter Hashtag Smears..


At a time when many of Sanders supporters/non supporters and or etc.. seemed to have gone all out against Hillary Clinton, from tweeting on a smear hashtag to a disrespectful interruption at a Clinton speech, the dust seems to have settled for the moment.

After many false tweets on the twitter hash tag #WhichHillary the proof may now be in the pudding.

Many activists/blogger/justice writers/journalists and or users whom spoke against Hillary Clinton in support of Bernie Sanders  may of had their bluff called, if you take into account some of their twitter followers, some ranging at 225k, I have found at least 5 accounts which would total up to or more than a million followers and that wasn’t enough to stir voters away from Clinton.

Infact as of 9:30 pm eastern Sanders hasn’t even racked in 100k in votes that’s less than 10% of 1million twitter followers from just a few of sanders endorsers on twitter.

Many are beginning to ask me if the Sanders campaign was banking on those with a high volume of twitter followers? the answer is ‘I don’t know’, but in my opinion what is foretelling is that many twitter followers whom don’t support the ideas and or opinions of those whom they follow speaks volume about the person(s) being followed.

I never understood why any Journalist/Columnist would make public of their endorsement, it would seem bias to me especially when writing against a person whom they oppose as a candidate.

It would also seem to me that sooner or later the bashing of Candidates will soon have to come to and end, why? Either you support your party or you don’t.

Example: Say Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination and Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

Would you rather not vote for Hillary and have Trump as your president? or vice versa?


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