Daily News Shaun King Appears To Defend Young Underage Sex Texting

(The Inside Leak)

New Daily News Columnist and Senior Justice Writer – Shaun King Went on a defensive rant citing that

Charges should be dropped against this young man and his mother, a single mom of three, should be reimbursed for all of the needless expenses of this charade.

Referring to the arrest of Levar Allen a 17-year-old teenage kid.

The Fact That King’s Headline On The New York Daily News Read:

KING: 17-year-old black boy sexting with 16-year-old white girl and guess who’s charged with child pornography

The word ” child pornography ” truly disturbed me and yet appeared to be defended in the article.

King went on to say that millions of kids across America are doing it! and also spoke of a 16-year-old teen age girl.

No where in the article did the New York Daily News and or Shaun King condemn the actions of Sextexting in fact it focused more so on race as the blame.

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