Denver: Inmate #MichaelMarshall Dies After Sheriff’s Encounter

According to The Colorado Independent:

pic: Livestream-unicorn riot
pic: Livestream-unicorn riot

A mentally ill inmate who apparently posed no physical threat when three sheriff’s deputies restrained him into unconsciousness at the Denver jail has died after nine days on life support.

Michael Lee Marshall’s death today comes after a long string of use-of-force cases in Denver’s sheriff’s department, millions of dollars in legal payouts and years of promises by Mayor Michael Hancock that violence against prisoners — especially those of color, like Marshall, who was black – will end.

Marshall’s scuffle with deputies happened on November 11, less than a month after Hancock appointed a new sheriff, Patrick Firman, as a “change agent” to reform the wayward department.

“I think it’s fair to say that Sheriff Firman’s honeymoon period is over,” said Lisa Calderon, co-chair of the Denver Chapter of the Colorado Latino Forum, which watchdogs the sheriff’s department and its use of force.

“The pattern of dealing with frail or severely mentally ill inmates in harsh and punitive manners needs immediate and radical reform that the citizens of Denver are not only expecting, but paying millions of dollars for results,” she said.


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