Don Lemon Calls Bill Cosby’s Accusers “Survivors”

Don Lemon a CNN reporter is calling Bill Cosby’s accusers “Survivors.”
Survivors of what? Is Lemon pre judging the allegations to early?

It was a few months ago (un related to the Cosby case) when Don Lemon sparked outrage with his response of a black female teen being flipped and dragged in front of classmates by an officer, even though a video appeared to show an assault taking place, citing that it was to soon.. and that he did not want to rush to judgement.

The officer was fired soon after the incident. Many media outlets reported “the girl posed no threat.”

Lemon appeared quick to call Bill Cosby’s (an afro American) accusers “Survivors”, soon after Cosby’s arrest made headlines.

Is this a rush of judgement?

According to various readings.. many are outraged alleging that Lemon is quick to rush judgement on afro Americans more so when they appear to be victims, including Lemon’s attempt to have Shaun King ( an activist) appear on his show in which King declined.

Lemon’s reporting on afro Americans has sparked controversy amongst many in the black community sources say, on a petition which has garnished over 35,000 signatures demanding for CNN to remove Lemon, has raised many questions as to Lemon’s reporting involving afro Americans.

Including Lemon’s “N-Word” Story..

Recent news on ‘Bill Cosby’ Updates:


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