Donald Trump’s Tweet Proves Once Again A Republican Can Lie ?

In a recent tweet by a Donald j Trump ” @realDonaldTrump ” on twitter –

There comes a time when I have to call a liar a liar! and sometimes a liar can be a pure at it, Trump’s recent tweet is just that.

Many will say,.. this was said to gain media attention! well if that’s the case ” Here’s the attention. ”

To call protestors in California thugs and Criminals is a flat out Lie! and yes I am Calling Donald Trump’s tweet a flat out “LIE”.

Many of my friends are protesters with no criminal record and not an ounce of violence.

To characterize that California protestors are thugs and criminals is a dishonor.

Though there were some attendees at trump’s rally who may have opposed Trump and or broke the law it is hard to say they were protestors if at all, it does not prove that All protesters are thugs and criminals as Trump’s tweet implies “protesters”.

(not some or a few and definitely not proven to even be protesters.”)

I will be clear on this article, I was once leaning towards Trump and influencing friends and family to vote for him here in California, but no more!

Instead I will encourage them to vote for any other candidate here in California other than TRUMP!.


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