El Cajon: Was Alfred Olango Praying For His Life?

El Cajon, CA –

Many questions still linger surrounding the shooting death of an Afro American male at the hands of the El Cajon police dept.

  • Was Olango’s hands in a prayer mode as if begging an officer to please not shoot him?
  • Was there a vape pen in his hands at the time of his killing?
  • Was the vape pen removed from his person after the shooting?
  • Why one officer used a Taser?
  • Why another officer used deadly force?

These are all questions that should be asked and or considered by many in our failed media.

Opinion –

As I have tried zooming in on the photo (Though I am not a photo expert) but it appears to show Olango having both of his hands in a prayer mode.

My first thought was ” Please Don’t Shoot Me “.

Credit: E Cajon Pd
Credit: El Cajon Pd

I can not definitely say Olango had any object in his hands, can you?


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