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FL: Officer Has History Of Killing, Shot 3 dead Only One Survived…

Homestead, FL

According to Miami News Times Officer Anthony Green’s latest shooting which ended fatally for a man Edward Foster III. Sources say 11 shots were fired.

The killing of Foster makes it Officer Anthony Green’s fourth shooting incident.

  1. 1. Officer Anthony Green has fatally shot someone while on active duty. In 2005, The man was un-armed.
  2. 2. Officer Anthony Green shot and killed another man two years later, in 2007.
  3. 3. Officer Anthony Green The following year, in 2008, shot a man in the stomach whom survived.

In my opinion:

This is an outrage. There truly should be a legislation enacted whereas an Officer who is involved in any type of shooting and or the discharging of their weapon, that Officer is remanded to desk duty Automatically for a period of 4 years. I truly believe it would slow down the amount of Police shootings and the killings of un-armed person(s).

Though many will argue that Officer Green’s actions were cleared in his past shootings (Note: The killing of Foster is still under investigation) leaves many reason to doubt those whom investigated the incidents, who and how? especially when in the 2005 killing the victim was un-armed.

In Green’s last killing, Foster was an afro American, many are curious to know the races of the others he has killed and wounded.


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