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Former Officer Who Killed Black Driver Captured In Houston

(Black Rootz)

Opinion –

This is a prime example as to why the public should have access to an officers history, especially when an officer is involved in any type of abuse and or shooting ” alleged or not ” the public should have a right to know.

Having this information could prevent incidents as in the Daniel Holtzclaw case (un-related).

In a shooting that killed 24-year-old Anthony Smith 5 years ago in Saint Louis,  afterwards officer Jason Stockley conveniently  decided to relocate to Houston, TX.

What is even more shocking is that the community in which Stockley resided in had no idea of Stockley’s past, which raises concerns as to how long the police dept. Stockley worked for had any knowledge of Stockley’s past conduct.

This happens all across the states, whereas an officer whom has a prior history of abnormal conduct just doesn’t get fired but gets transferred and often times with recommendations.

Their superiors should be held liable and or responsible as an accessory should their transferee commit any crimes.

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But that’s just my thought and opinions.


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