How To Make A Living While Blogging?

So you’re thinking about blogging?

Ok I’m gonna make a long story short.

Here are some basic steps:

  • First set up your site
  • Second create a minimum of 100 posts / articles
  • Third monetize (Advertisements) your site there are many out there that pay well
  • Fourth also find customers that will pay you, to advertise their product on your site

There are many other options available but I found these were the most important steps.

Are you thinking about blogging for someone else on their site or multiple sites as a freelance blogger?

There’s plenty of money in that too.. you just have to be sure that they allow you to put at least one of your ads in your post, bottom line you get paid per views and or clicks anywhere from 0 cents on up., the more articles you post, the more views you get including possible clicks.

If you stay in it for a long time and have over 10,ooo posts circulating you could be living off a residual 🙂 depending how relevant your articles are.

If you have any questions just ask me..


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