HPOU Facebook Responds To Shaun King’s Article

Opinion –

In New York Daily News latest post by Shaun King titled –

KING: Suicides by cops under investigation are troubling for several reasons

Has sparked outrage and mixed emotions, causing the VP of Houston Police Officer’s Union Joseph Gamaldi to respond Via Facebook.

What many of my readers and followers have been asking me,.. is that why King can criticize police so much and yet be ignored in his own criticisms?

In a recent story published by The Inside Leak titled –

Will Law Enforcement Look Into Shaun King’s Charities?

Has raised many eyebrows, and people want to know if Law Enforcement will at least look into the allegations?

It’s one thing for King to accuse cops of misconduct and or etc.. but is it another thing when the accuser is also criticized?

There are many stories circulating on the internet regarding King’s involvement in prior businesses, that many have seemed to have vanished and or have failed, as in the most recent being called ” Justice Together ” where members were left in Awe..

Here is a response from a former board member Deray Mckesson –

You can keep up a lil more on the Twitter hash Tag #JT30

Final thought:

I have never read so many articles where one person has appeared to have had an excuse for just about every allegation made, and yet no one directly challenges it, and usually when someone does,…. like on twitter for example they are blocked, one has to question why King does not appear on major networks to at least discuss the allegations.



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