I Support AB109! Laws need to be changed in California then Over Crowding is Fixed

It is ridiculous when our own Government whom is supposed to lead by example can’t even comply to a court order! Riverside, Ca. A Sheriff Sniff held a conference attempting to speak on the issue in Wildomar, California were many felt it was a tactic to help support his cause in building more jails, and the hiring of up to or more than 500 more Deputies.

Bottom line in which many felt, AB109 is good for California, That Laws should be changed in order to fix the issues at hand.

Building more jails! When will it end…. California is turning into a movie like ‘ ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK ‘  we don’t want more jails, we just want Laws re-written! The cash cow is over! the time now is to COMPLY! Is what one supporter said..

A former inmate recalls what he named “the golomski “(gul-lum-ski) effect!

While inmates in California’s prisons, “times were good” as he describes, as inmates poured in to the correction systems many on mis calculated and or bogus charges, the correction industry was booming, America began proposing with easier ways to increase the a system that was already overwhelmed and at capacity, and where trying to influence officials to build more prisons, Charges were being amended, like “ manufacturing a weapon “ which many deem unconstitutional, where as one inmate was charged for storing a Billy club in the garage; now keep in mind this Billy club was made 7 years in a manufacturing plant prior to his arrest yet he was charged for manufacturing it! Funny how it works huh! How can America recover when so many Idiots create laws like this? And there are so many more… Officers were encouraging inmates to return, as they were being released which left a sad disgusting taste on a lot of the inmates as they walked out.

Many upon Many overtime hours were being paid out, and to top it off the medical field was at the say time booming as well, there was a sudden increase of every profession rushing to get a job at any correction facility as the word spread quickly, the inmate recalls when a Medical staff was prescribing Seroquel –Ritalin as if it were free candy, As the word spread about this issue many outsiders who were addicted where also anxiously waiting to get in, The prisons quickly overflowed beyond its capabilities within 2 years the word was out.

As Guards bragged about their boats, dune buggies, jet skis, air planes, homes, and the amount of money they were making, The Economy took a swift dip, America was beginning to lose their homes,

Americans were beginning to feel “suckered” as they were losing their homes; those in the industry were buying them up! Which in turns creates (The Golomski) effect?

Sad that this played a part but very true, some thought that it will always be a booming business, where overtime would be paid, and many would make up to 200,000 a year if not more.

Yet American Residents are fast to blame Banks, and everything else but themselves, You see I noticed no one in this decade cares until it happens to them, that’s the way America is being trained, secretly without knowing, the Occupy movement is just a test to see whether or not people will still come together as strong as they did in the 50, 60, 70 and 80’s the results are devastating,.


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