It Maybe All But Over For Trump

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Has Trump Reached His Maximum Support?

If so it could all be down hill from here, as of right now Democratic Presidential candidate and nominee Hillary Clinton is rising among the polls over Republican Presidential Candidate and nominee Donald Trump by 10 points according to the  Business Insider.

I raise this question because I am often told that many bigots, racists and hate groups support Trump, along with some good and wholesome people.

Whether it is true or not that’s up for you to confirm or not.

The bottom line, if for example Trump is supported by a mass amount of bigots, the question is how many bigots exist in America? and are they all supporting Trump?

If so, will that keep Trump’s polling at a stand still if there are no more bigots to vote?

I must also consider a small percentage that the polls could change for, like Independents, the undecided and party switchers.

But by how much?

After the Democratic convention Clinton was leading by 9 points but in the latest poll as reported by the Business Insider Clinton is leading by 10 points now, if Clinton’s climb in the polls continue to grow then the answer could be that Trump has reached his maximum percentage of supporters.

If the polls should stay where they are right now it could mean ” Election Over “.

There is also the possibility that Clinton could gain more supporters and or lose some but either way would it be enough to effect the election?

If Trump’s percentage in polling’s go down then it could indicate that he is loosing supporters but which ones?


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