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Lancaster, TX: Chief Cheryl Wilson Placed On Administrative Leave

The video appears to show a gentlemen (Tucker) whom was lawfully walking on a public sidewalk, when attacked by Lt. Fine.

Tucker (Victim of the assault ) asked continuously why he is being detained and didn’t get an answer from Lt. Fine.

Lt. Fine told Tucker that he was being charged with resisting arrest, Tucker then asked what arrest he was resisting? Lt. Fine told him he wasn’t going to talk with him anymore.

CHERYL WILSON was “inconsistent” with directives, according to the city manager.

City Manager Opal Mauldin-Robertson explained that, the day after the incident, Chief Wilson told Assistant City Manager Rona Stringfellow and City Attorney Bob Hager that Fine’s actions were  serious.

After this incident Chief Cheryl Wilson has been placed Administrative leave, Lt. Fine who is now under review  has been re-assigned according to sources.


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