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Law Enforcement, Donald Trump And What Message?

A Video appears to show members of the San Antonio Police Dept. wearing the red ” Make America Great Again ” Caps, this coming after the all to famous video of Donald Trump whom is heard describing how he would grab a female by the p**sy.(See Bottom)

Also a Sheriff Out Of Wisconsin David E. Clarke a Blue Live Matter Activist whom seems to be repeatedly tweeting disturbing messages..

What ever message this man is trying to send is unclear, At first I perceived it as voter intimidation (A Crime).
What is clear to me,.. Is that I will not allow this man and or any law enforcement discourage me and my right to vote come election day, even if there are pitch forks and torches.. Trust and Believe that, I will VOTE!

Clarke has used a Uniform which represents citizens of his county to include his Dept. on a many of media outlets, one has to question is this man being paid for those appearances and if so, would monies be due to the citizens while promoting his own agendas while in uniform including the promoting of Donald Trump.

Could a law suit follow? Or does he speak for everyone while in that uniform?

Opinion –
I truly believe to promote any candidate while on the job, and or in uniform is a disgrace not only to the people served but also to the badge honored.

That uniform represents the citizens by officers whom are sworn to protect and serve, and should never be used for political gain and or as a tool that may insinuate that the City and or it’s citizens stand behind the promoting of a presidential candidate.

Final thought:
I’ve always said that ” To condemn the actions of Donald Trump’s statements, yet condone the man as a candidate, is no less than one condemning the actions of a crime while still supporting a criminal”.



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