Many Minorities Love Temecula

Temecula, Ca:

Whether your Latino, African American or any other race.

Temecula is the wonderful place to live.

Once you settle in Temecula, many people show their appreciation one Latino said’ and went on to say ‘It’s like a fairy tale’ so peaceful and feel very comfortable to.

Ken who’s from Somalia  said ‘I love Temecula, sure there’s a small group that opposes minorities from moving in the City, but you can usually spot them by reading their comments on local ‘Internet News’ they usually lie or say hateful things, most set up fake accounts in order to comment, in my opinion.

L’Aquila said I’m here because of the assisted living programs that are available for me and my children, I’m here to stay ‘I love Temecula’

These are just some of the interviews I did at various spots around the City, and I must tell you… all minorities I have spoken to ‘ love Temecula ‘, and are planning to bring their families in as well.

As I visited Temecula, I could see it’s beauty and cleanliness with so much to do there.

It’s definitely a place for anyone to live in, and it’s great for kids as well.

One person I interviewed who didn’t want to be known, said Temecula has changed in the last 15 years, it has grown so much,.. good wholesome people have forced themselves to live here. Crime has gone up a little but not to much.

I asked him was crime going up do to minorities moving in? His response was quick and definite a solid ‘NO’.

Crime was around far before the recent increase of minorities.

So there you have it, Temecula just might be a wholesome place to live for all and any persons.


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