Milwaukee: Officer Who Killed Sylville Smith Is Arrested On Sexual Assault


Officer Who Killed Sylville Smith identified as Dominique Heaggan-Brown Is Arrested On Sexual Assault.

Family, Friends, Concerned Citizens and Members of the community have been requesting that the body camera footage be released, which they believe capture the killing of Smith.

Those requests have been denied thus far.

Sources are reporting that Officer Heaggan-Brown and Smith grew up together  to even attending the same high school.

Opinion –

I am concerned and must bring this up:

If the allegations hold true, then many questions should be raised as to  if officer Heaggan-Brown ever attempted to have a romantic relationship with Smith back in the days, and if Smith denied Heaggan-Brown could play a major role in his killing as a possible form of retaliation.

EVERYONE whom Heaggan-Brown has came into contact with while on the force and prior to include his academy where he trained should be questioned especially those arrested by him.


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