Murrieta: Armed Robbery Suspect Nabbed

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Murrieta: Armed Robbery Suspect Nabbed

Deputies with the Southwest Station responded to a report of an armed robbery at a restaurant in the area of Murrieta Hot Springs.

Inside the business an employee and the owner at Mitra’s Café were confronted by a male adult, wearing ski goggles, the male adult entered the business through the rear door.

The male adult suspect brandished a knife and demanded cash from employees a press release says. The suspect also opened the cash register and removed an undisclosed amount of currency before fleeing the business according to the press release.

The owner believed he recognized the suspect as an ex-employee the press release said.

Officers with the Murrieta Police Department, including a  Sheriff’s helicopter, assisted deputies in locating the suspect to an address on the block of Blackwood Road in Murrieta according to the press release.

Deputies and officers located the suspect, identified as 25-year-old Albert Torres, of Murrieta, who had just arrived at his residence. Prior to being contacted by deputies, Torres had paid rent to his landlord with small denomination bills which are believed to have been stolen during the commission of the robbery the press release said.

Torres was arrested and booked at the Southwest Detention Center on charges of robbery, possession of an unlawful firearm, and possession of a controlled substance the press release said.