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Nashua, NH: Violent Police Beating Caught By News Camera

(MFJ News)
Nashua, N.H –


A video appears to show Richard Simone, 50, of Worcester, Mass., stepping out of his truck surrendering and complying to officers on Hutchinson Street, a residential part of the city.

Simone appears to surrender and knee down to the ground, that’s when officers charge Simone and begin throwing punches while other officers join in.

It almost reminded me of the Rodney King incident.

Why the news camera man zoomed out is even more appalling and beyond all ethics.

The fact that a news camera was above the incident didn’t seem to prevent officers from pummeling the suspect repeatedly, i thought showed no regard for human safety and or life.

According to sources the incident is being reviewed and investigated by other officers.

This video is appalling and a blatant disrespect not only to citizens but to those whom wear the badge.

Stay tuned.


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