Not My President Protests Continue To Grow Across America And Beyond

With Hillary Clinton’s lead growing in the popular vote last reported at an estimated 1.8 mil and rising, are many of the 49.6% whom did not vote questioning themselves?

And if so which way would they had voted?

I spoke to a few whom did not vote at all whom now say they have regretted not voting, citing that they didn’t think they had to, due to the media constantly showing Hillary Clinton winning in the polls, they have told me they will never assume anything again.

Sources are reporting that up to 100k or more showed up at an ” Not My President ” protest in Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd. on 11/12/2016, with an estimated 1 million + more for a possible scheduled event on January 21st 2017.

Protests occurred in over 37 cities across the states since Donald Trump’s Electoral college victory and it is not slowing down.

A petition has gained more than 3 million signatures has also gained national attention regarding the electoral college system.

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