NYDN’S Columnist Defends Sextexting Amongst Kids

New Daily News Columnist and Senior Justice Writer – Shaun King Went on a defensive rant citing that

Charges should be dropped against this young man and his mother, a single mom of three, should be reimbursed for all of the needless expenses of this charade.

Referring to the arrest of Levar Allen a 17-year-old teenage kid.

As I read the article I was in Awe!

The Fact That King’s Headline On The New York Daily News Read:

KING: 17-year-old black boy sexting with 16-year-old white girl and guess who’s charged with child pornography

The word ” child pornography ” truly disturbed me and yet appeared to be defended in the article.

King went on to say that millions of kids across America are doing it! and also spoke of a 16-year-old teen age girl.

No where in the article did the New York Daily News and or Shaun King condemn the actions of Sextexting in fact it focused more so on race as the blame.

King who often tweets and makes it very clear that he is a father of five via on social media disappointed me.

I to am a father of five and have 3 daughters and as a writer,.. I would had first started off my article with ” Though I do not condone these actions ” but nowhere did I see that in King’s article.

Instead King glorifies Allen as an

Award-winning wrestler, football and basketball player.

Yes though our views may differ, I WOULD PRESS CHARGES on anyone sending and or receiving NUDE under age pictures.. and as a parent the safety of my daughters COME FIRST, I could give a damn about any athletic sports commendations.

What King left out of his story was that –

A news conference that the Bossier sheriff’s office held a little more than 2 years ago about a sexting case involving several teenagers and the public awareness campaign that followed.

“We had our detectives go to every high school and every middle school here in Bossier Parish and talked to all of the students about the consequences of not only sexting but how it can lead in to child pornography,” added Davis.

That was a crucial part….. That should had been included in his story.

King then went on to say

laws must be adjusted to have nuance for normal sexual behaviors between two consenting 16 and 17-year-old kids.

Is King Serious? Is he referring to making Sextexting legal for under aged kids? what about the headline that stated ” Child Pornography ?” is there a difference?


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