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NYPD: Video Appears To Show Aggressive Cop Tackle Citizen To..

Officer James Frascatore, who body slammed  James Blake, a tennis star outside a Manhattan hotel has been sued before for allegedly roughing up suspects according to sources.

Frascatore is a defendant in ongoing civil cases that allege he and other officers used excessive force during false arrests, Frascatore has at least five complaints lodged against him with a Review Board according to sources.

Here’s my theory on what I think might of happened:

Though this doesn’t excuse Frascatore’s behavior, If you watch the video closely, seconds during the altercation a man appears in the doorway ‘ with a black t-shirt on, wearing brownish colored  shorts as if to exit, he see’s an altercation and quickly goes back inside.

Is it possible that moments before someone told Officer Frascatore that the alleged suspect was at the door or inside? and Frascatore mistook Blake? Whom was standing next to the door?

Or was there any alleged suspects at all?

Stay tuned as I update this more..


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