Opinion: $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Will Affect Millions?


Lets be real about the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage hike…

Here’s what I think would follow, as an employee and as a consumer you may want to consider this….

For those whom work per say at a fast food restaurant making $15 an hour… would eliminate the low cost burgers, fries, sodas etc… a burger that would have cost $1.99 may now be $3.99 or more, grocery stores would have to raise their prices along with retail stores not to mention the possibility of .99 cent stores going out of business thus costing thousands of jobs.

Landlords would be affected as well and would most likely be forced to raise their rental up.

In the long run, would the hike really make a difference if the cost of living rises as well?

Is the economy rigged? to keep millions in their place?

So what it the true benefit of making a $15 an hour minimum wage?

I could go on and on and on… but what’s your thought?


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