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Opinion: ‘Accountability’ Will It Be Key In Winning The Presidency?

opinionIs the feeling and longing for ‘Accountability’ more powerful than Experience and or Accomplishments?

In a powerful statement on a past Democratic Debate, ‘What Bernie Sanders said’ still resonates amongst many Citizens across the Nation.

‘Police Should Not Be Shooting Unarmed People’

Those maybe the 7 most remembered words ever said in a Democratic debate.

For those whom are still running for President, many voters will argue that some candidates had an opportunity to meet and speak with some very powerful social media leaders such as Deray McKesson, Rev. Jamal Bryant, Black Lives Matter, Shaun King and so many more, but chose a smaller platform of community leaders.

And it may now be to late for those who ignored them.

Many minorities including an overwhelming number of whites want to see ‘Accountability’ (To be blunt “Many said they would like to see Police Officer’s held accountable when breaking the law by way of prosecution and or jail time ) according to those I spoke too, and many have also agreed with Sanders message above.

But many have also expressed with great sincere that the Clinton’s have a long history, which stems back for decades of fighting for equality, criminal justice reform and racial justice, in-fact the Clinton’s have a proven track record in doing so when fighting for Latino’s and Afro Americans.

From what I was able to break down in recent conversations with Democratic and Republican supporters was a most truly amazing discovery to me.

According to those I spoke to:

Many Republicans were concerned that ‘ Placing police to high on a pedestal without acknowledging accountability could cost Republicans the election, as some were thinking of switching to the Democratic party.

The Republicans I spoke to also insisted that they have not heard anything about criminal justice reform except that out of Democrats.

Many Democrats are torn between Hillary Clinton’s Experience, Accomplishments and acknowledgement of Accountability Vs. Bernie Sanders repeated and well demonstrated arguments towards a Accountability, criminal Justice Reform, Campaign reform including a Political Revolution, in what many are saying they don’t think Sanders can accomplish many of his ideas.

‘So is it the feeling of hope for accountability’ that gives Sanders and his supporters so much momentum?.

My final thought:

What I believe is key in this election is ‘Accountability’ every time that issue is raised there is a surge in supporters and momentum towards the candidate that expressed it most.

So is it becoming clearer that America wants criminal justice reform and accountability?

America ‘We’ shall soon find out.

Note: Though candidates are also raising other very serious and important issues such as economy, health care and so on, it was those issues above that those whom I spoke to only seemed to want to discuss at the time.


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